Eliminate bacteria, viruses, and plaque build-up

Keep your retainer, aligner, guard or other appliance safe from bacteria, stains and odors

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Enjoy the fresh feeling of a sparkling clean dental appliance every day

In just 5 minutes, thanks to its ultrasound technology, you can have the power and hygiene of a dental clinic in your own home.

  • Your problem Dirty appliance
    Poor dental health
    Boring cleaning rutine
  • Our solution 42,000 hz ultrasound
    Ultraviolet light
    Stainless steel reverberation
  • The result A sparkling clean appliance
    A healthier set of teeth
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4 easy steps to an ultra clean dental appliance

Stop brushing, spending money on pills or other methods that do not effectively clean your aligner or retainer.
  • 1

    Fill it with water

    Fill the Ultrasmile with tap water and plug it in

  • 2

    Put in your aligner/retainer

    Insert your dental appliance into the ultrasmile and make sure it is completely submerged

  • 3

    Close the lid

    Close the lid, press the button and wait 5 minutes for the ultrasmile to work its magic

  • 4

    Take out your splint completely clean

    Take out your shiny dental appliance from the ultrasmile and feel the pleasure of wearing it again.

  • Frequent questions

    Can't I just use a sterilizing tablet?

    Using just a cleansing tablet is like brushing your teeth with toothpaste but without a brush. The tablets will eliminate some bacteria from your device, but the chemicals will not reach beyond the surface. The deep bacteria and tartar will still be there, damaging your dental and physical health, and leaving your appliance dull and dirty.

    What if I clean it with a toothbrush?

    Toothbrushes damage dental appliances, leaving them scratched, uncomfortable, and looking dull. In addition, a brush will not reach every corner, leaving bacteria, tartar and dirt on your device.

    Will Ultrasmile damage my device?

    Not at all, the ultrasonic cleaning method is completely non-abrasive. It creates millions of microbubbles that gently but thoroughly clean the entire surface of the device without damaging it. The Ultrasmile is designed to safely clean all types of materials, from metal to plastic of aligners.

    Can Ultrasmile clean aligners/Invisalign?

    Yes, the Ultrasmile can effectively clean clear aligners and Invisalign. All types of clear aligners have been extensively tested at Ultrasmile with excellent results. Plus, it's perfect for cleaning your retainer after aligner treatment. Click here to read why award-winning orthodontist Dr Emma Laing recommends Ultrasmile to all her patients.

    Professional ultrasound technology designed for

    Discharge splint
    and aligners

    The before and after when using ultrasmile

    Swipe to see how our advanced ultrasound technology transforms your splint from dull and dirty to completely clear and shiny in just 5 minutes. It's like wearing a new splint every day!

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    This is how to properly care for invisible orthodontics. Ultrasmile ensures that your aligners feel and look like new every day. An essential tool for dental hygiene.

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    Ultrasmile offers a precise and effortless cleaning solution. Its ultrasonic technology eliminates bacteria, tartar and bad odors, keeping your dental appliances in perfect condition.

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    My retainers have never looked as good as they do now. Thanks to Ultrasmile, my dental braces are always spotless, bacteria-free, and feel fresher.

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    Nothing compares to the clinical grade cleaning that Ultrasmile offers. This device provides results that could only previously be achieved in a dental clinic, keeping your appliances looking like new.

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    Ultrasmile provides a superior clean that I have not found in other products. My dental braces are free of bad odors and always look transparent and shiny.

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    Ultrasmile technology provides such effective cleaning that my retainers feel like new every day. It is a worthwhile investment for daily dental hygiene.

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    Ultrasmile redefines cleaning dental appliances. Its advanced technology ensures deep cleaning, completely eliminating tartar and bacteria. It's a game changer for at-home dental care.